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Consulting, Development & Training
"trust@soft" founded in 2002 by:

Volker Kuecherer, more than *20* years
experience with SAP-HR

Human Ressources on iPhone:
Welcome to the mobile HCM World

Leave Request, Approval & Teamview
Comimg soon: Approval orders and invoices,
Time Management, Payroll, Talent Management,
Travel Management & Reporting

Human Ressources Management Systems
Administration, Orgmanagement, Timemanagement,
Payroll, Personneldevelopment & Planning

Human Ressources on Portals , Outlook, LotusNotes & iPhone
Employee SelfServices ESS, Manager SelfServices MSS ,

Travel Management Systems
Travel Expenses, Travel Planning, ESS/MSS

Upgrade 4.5/4.6 --> ECC 6.0:
Planning, Training , Managing & Doing

Integration, Migration & Crossover

Training, Coaching, Review & Audit

(Last Update: 23.1.2010)

CV .pdf

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